PupPunks are a limited edition NFT project that allow access to exclusive features in the growing Fantom Pup community. There are a total of 5555 hand drawn and algorithmically generated PupPunks, stored on the Fantom Opera blockchain.

Minting will start on 14th November, 18:00 UTC. Follow our social channels for the exact time. Mint price will be 30 FTM. There will only be a total of 5555 PupPunks ever created on the Fantom Opera chain.

There is a limit of minting maximum 10 PupPunks in one transaction. But no limit on how many one wallet can mint in total.

PupPunk will make you an exclusive member of the Fantom Pup ecosystem. It will give you access to play Play to Earn games and access members only area. Proceeds from PupPunks will go towards buybacks, burns of fPup too.

No, the burns mentioned in the road map are target activations. These get activated when a certain target is reached. These are going to be extra, bonus buybacks and burns on top of the usual ones which come from minting proceeds.

Yes. Even though pups don’t distinguish in giving their love to us humans, there is definitely a rarity system in place for the PupPunks. All PupPunks and their various attributes are hand drawn and then algorithmically generated. From over a million possibilities, only 5555 are created. There are 8 different categories of attributes and some attributes are super rare. You can check out all the attributes and their rarity % can be seen in our attributes page. You can also explore PupPunks based on Rank and ID on the explore page.

You can connect to this dapp, then head over to the mint page. On the mint page, you have an option of minting either one, three, seven or ten PupPunks at once. After the minting is successful, you will be shown the brand new minted PupPunk. You can also view the PupPunks you own under the My Pups page.

Each PupPunk costs 75 MATIC to mint. There are no price tiers or leveled up prices as more PupPunks get minted. The smart contract will be generating a unique ID for the PupPunk you mint, ensuring that the ID’s are fairly distributed. This ensures that everyone gets an equal chance of minting a rare or a legendary PupPunk. We are also audited by Paladin to ensure security and fairness.

The PupPunks contract has been fully audited by Paladin to further ensure security and top quality contract code. You can find the audit report for the Polygon PupPunkshere.

We are working on bringing trades on a FTM Marketplace once minting is over.

As the level of minted PupPunks increases, different targets get activated. Each activation will cause a certain event to happen. You can read more about our roadmap activations on the homepage. More targets will be updated as minting starts.

Yes, there will be royalties from secondary sales. Majority of which will again be used to buyback and burn FPUP.

No PupPunk has been reserved or pre-minted for any purpose. Given our fair distribution principle, all PupPunks for marketing purposes will be minted from the dapp, after sale starts.

Yes, once all PupPunks are minted, we will be launching an exclusive PupPunks game which only a PupPunk parent can play. The game will be based around the rarity of the PupPunks as well. We just launched our first game Dog Show, which provides equal opportunity for everyone to win some FPUPs.

Dogs have the most beautiful soul of all living things. They are the best at spreading joy. That is why our "mouth" attribute category has no sad option in it. All PupPunks only spread joy.

You can connect with us on our Telegram channel or join our Discord Server or drop us a tweet onTwitter.

We have an amazing community on Telegram as well as on our discord server. You can join it over here here

FAQs about Dog Show

The pat button is a special way to show love to pups, just like in the real world. You can pat any pup you like. All pats live on the blockchain so that the love becomes endless ;)

Dog show is a social contest in which only PupPunk parents can participate. Once a person enters the contest, the goal is to get as many pats for their pups, by various people. To do this, people need to shill their pups in social media and groups to get people to give them pats. Just like how in the real world people pat your pups :) At the end of the contest, the pup with the highest number of pats (during the contest), wins! There is a nominal entry fee to be paid in $FPUP token. 20% of that entry fee is automatically burned. Rest is added to the winning prize pool.

There is a nominal entry fee to be paid in $FPUP token. 20% of that entry fee is automatically burned. Rest is added to the winning prize pool. The winning pup gets the entire pool prize.

The pats of the pups are forever going to be present on the blockchain! Never ending love, right? They will act like a parallel ranking system for the NFTs, based on the love the community shows and not just the rarity. The pats during the contest are counted for the contest. Example, if your pup has 5 pats previously. During the contest, you get 3 more pats. So in the contest leaderboard, the pup will have 3 pats where as in the over all leaderboard, the pup will have 8 pats.

No, you pay entry fee only once, for all the Pups you own.

Nope, each pup can win only once. So you need more pups to enter the dog contest if you want to win again.