Join the exclusive Fantom Pup Club. Total 5555 NFTs Ever.


About Pup Punks

PupPunks is a limited edition collection of 5555, hand drawn NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Fantom chain. Your PupPunk makes you one of the exclusive members of the Fantom Pup ecosystem. Every PupPunk minted also enables burning of the native Fantom Pup tokens. Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activations.



Every pup is unique and programmatically generated from over a million possibilites. Each pup has various traits with varying rarity. Traits like eyes, breed color, mouth, hats and more! All pups are special but some are legendary.

Fair Distribution

Each pup is available at a fixed price. Rare or legendary pups do not cost extra. There are no price tiers or leveled up prices as more PupPunks get minted. Everyone gets a fair chance to mint pups. But remember, all pups are special.

Agility Run - Coming Soon!

PupPunks Agility Run, a Play to Earn game, is one of the most exciting features of the PupPunks NFT. Each breed will have it's own in game avatar, which will be used to play the platform running game. Both rarity and pats of a pup will provide special privileges to the pup.

Dog Show Contest

This is the first, never before done, social contest game we launched for PupPunk NFTs. Only PupPunk parents can participate. Once a person enters the contest, the goal is to get as many pats for their pups, from various people. At the end of the contest, the pup with the highest number of pats (during the contest), wins! Enter the dog show and win rewards upto $2500!

Pup Lottery

Lottery is the second fair play utility for all PupPunk owners. Only PupPunk parents can participate. The owner can enter the lottery with as many pups as one owns. Each pup will have a nominal entry fee. The more the number of pups one enters the lottery with, the higher the chance of winning the lottery. The rewards consist of the lottery pool and surprise rewards every now and then!

Total Pup Punks Minted

Proceeds from NFT minting are used to buyback and burn all Fantom Pup tokens

Roadmap Activations

0% Minting starts& The Pat™️ Button

5%Rarity Explorer and Rankings

5%Dog Show Social GameWin over $2000, daily!

10%Pup Lottery

25%Pup Agility game to win prizes& Community giveaway

50%Dog Park - Exclusive Member's Area& $2000 Bonus Burn for fPUP

75%Dog Pee Feature Launch$2000 Bonus Burn For fPup

100%$5000 Bonus Burn for fPup& to be announced

* all bonus buybacks are on top of the usual buyback and burn